Q  "What's the difference between a Polish and a Wax?"

A  A pure Meguiar's polish such as the Deep Crystal Step 2 Polish is a blend of oils that are absorbed by the paint in the same way your skin would absorb a moisturiser. The polishing oils will create a deep wet-look gloss but will offer no protection. This gloss can be sealed and your paint protected with the application of a wax such as the Deep Crystal Step 3 Wax. Alternatively you could use either Gold Class Wax or NXT Generation Tech Wax which combines polish and wax in one easy application.

Q  "What's the difference between our consumer and professional product?"

A  Our professional products have been formulated for use by paint and body shop professionals, typically with a high speed rotary buffer. Untrained use could lead to more damage than improvement. Our consumer line has been developed for simple straightforward use by hand or with an orbital buffer and application is completely safe in all situations.

Q  "How long should I leave it before wiping off?"

A  Wax Products: All of our wax products need to dry before removal. When you can make a clean swipe with your finger (typically up to 10 minutes depending on weather and ambient temperature) the product is ready for the final wipe down. There is no maximum time that the wax can be left on the paintwork, so it is usually good practice to apply wax to the whole vehicle before starting to wipe off.

Q  "How long will my wax protection last?"

A   This will be different for each user and will be determined by numerous factors. Such as, the age of the car, the weather, mileage covered, how often the car is washed and whether it is kept under cover, are just a few of these factors.

Q  "Should I re-wax after every wash?"

A  Not if you use a good quality car wash shampoo. All Meguia's shampoos will safely remove traffic film and contaminants without damaging the protective wax coating. Harsher detergents will strip polish and wax from the paint and significantly reduce the life of the wax protection.

Q  "Can I use Meguiar's products on top of my dealer applied protective coating?"

A  You can use our products safe in the knowledge that they are compatible with all current dealer applied paint protection systems.

Q  "What are the benefits of using a Wash Mitt?"

A  It's the washing process that inflicts most 'swirls' or light circular scratches to your paint. This is because tiny particles can get trapped between the face of a sponge and the paint surface. By hosing down the paint work first and using a wash mitt with a deep pile, these particles will be absorbed into the pile and will consequently do a lot less damage to your paint. Also using a grit guard in the bottom of your bucket to remove any loose dirt from the mitt will help.

Q  "How much product should I use?"

A  When applying a cleaner, polish or wax, imagine you're rubbing lotion onto your skin. Like hand lotion, you should only apply as much as the surface can absorb at one time. Any more will dry as excess residue, which in essence is just waste. Most users have found Meguiar's products to be much richer than those they have used before.

Q  "Are dusters and cloths ok for removing residue?"

A  All Meguiar's formulations recommend the use of a Microfibre for removing product residues. These are far more absorbent than cloth and will therefore deliver a streak-free finish much quicker. Toweling or Microfibre will also reduce the risk of scratches from particulate matter that may be deposited on the paint surface.

Q  "Will ScratchX remove my scratch?"

A  ScratchX uses diminishing abrasive technology to give you the best chance of removing light scratches and swirls by hand without scouring your paint finish. If a scratch is deep enough that it can be felt with your fingernail then it is likely that it will need to be removed by a professional.